​​Veronika River

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Check out my latest release "Broken to Pieces" with M4PEX  (Dance Cloud Records) out now on all other digital stores! 

My next release will be "Hurricane" with Francesco Sparacello (MFrecords) is out now on Beatport and all other digital stores as of 1/22/18!

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Thank you everyone for voting for my songs on the Spinnin' Records Talent Pool ("Into This Universe" ranked No. 81, "Places to Go" Remix with Herbert Skillz SoundMakers ranked No. 94, "Original" ranked No. 220) and for the ADE Event with MR. BELT & WEZOL'S ADE DEMO RIDE Contest ("Places To Go" original mix - ranked No. 28 overall)! I appreciate all your support!

Thank you ReverbNation for choosing my songs "Hurricane," "Broken to Pieces," "Looking For Love," "Original" and "Places to Go" for your curation program, and breaking me into the Top 20 Charts for Los Angeles in Pop music this year! So excited and honored!

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